Monday, July 5, 2010

Ummmm. I got bored?

This is a post full of random pictures of the things I love in life. The superficial things. Not everything. Not even most of everything. I just really love these things. And wanted a random post full of pictures. :P I could probably fill an entire blog with nothing but pictures. But I enjoy talking (or typing?) too much.

I love to bake. And cupcakes really are my favorite. Nothing's as cute as a cupcake (except for maybe babies) and nothing's as perfect or as sweet. And topped with frosting. :)

This is kind of all I want. And all I need. And everything I'm constantly trying to find.

This house is just too awesome. Could you imagine living in THAT?

I LOVE this display-thing of umbrellas. I kinda wish it was my ceiling.

Ladybugs are pretty to me. And ladybugs in love are even better. :) They remind me of my best friend. She loves ladybugs.

I really like this picture. And it doesn't hurt that I feel self conscious 95% of my life.

I love this painting. I can't even remember the artist. But I really like his work. or hers. I can't remember. :/

I just like this photograph because I like engagement rings. And Scrabble pieces. It's cute.

I just think this photo is pretty.

It might be lame and cliche and it's a picture of some random couple hugging. But I think it looks like a really great hug. haha.

Amanda Seyfriend. She's just gorgeous. It doesn't really require further explanation. I didn't always love her. In Mean Girls she barely even registered and Mamma Mia! wasn't my favorite. But she redeemed herself in Dear John. And letters to Juliet. Hell, even in Jennifer's Body (which I watched entirely for her).

again. I mean she is gorgeous. And it also helps that she stands for so much and treats her fans so amazing.

I've got a thing about hugs? Sometimes hugs are just good and you really need one.

I love Zooey Deschanel. I think she's gorgeous. and so is her sister.

My obsession with Emily Deschanel spawns from Bones. I love that show. And not just because Booth (David Boreanaz's character) is so dreamy. It's cause Bones is so AWESOME. A kick-ass, gorgeous, genius female character. Who just so happens to be ignorant to her love for a dreamy FBI agent. It's all kinds of magical.

Dianna Agron. Also just a gorgeous girl. I don't have issues with saying these women are beautiful. There's no sense in denying it. And besides. I've got gorgeous guys coming up. :P

Mark Salling. *sigh* He's just cute. Especially with these glasses. And it helps he's from Texas. I love me some Texas boys. Haha. So what if he plays a jerk on TV. I still love him. :)

TAYLOR SWIFT. I do believe I've already done my obsessive T-Swift rambling. But she really is just so beautiful! Right?! RIGHT?! There's no denying it. Not to mention she's accomplished so much in only 20 years of existence. I'm jealous. And full of respect for her.

Have I already blabbed about my Channing Tatum obsession? I'm gonna Haha. He was mentioned, but never fully discussed. Which makes this the perfect opportunity. Because I am obsessed. I mean the man's gorgeous. Talented, in more ways than one. Married and disgustingly-adorably-in love with an almost-equally gorgeous woman. Plus. He just seems nice. And he's pretty. Did I say that already? :P He's my worst and most awesome obsession. OH! and he's following me on twitter. It makes me nervous though. I feel as though my tweets are inadequate for someone so incredibly hot. I mean famous. or awesome....Or all of the above. :D

I'm just this silly girl that's obsessed with pretty people, beautiful things and desperate to be in love...

edit: I think I'll just have regular posts of lots of pictures. That begin with cupcakes and end with Channing Tatum. Always. haha.

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