Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Days like today make it hard not to remember how alone you really are.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ummmm. I got bored?

This is a post full of random pictures of the things I love in life. The superficial things. Not everything. Not even most of everything. I just really love these things. And wanted a random post full of pictures. :P I could probably fill an entire blog with nothing but pictures. But I enjoy talking (or typing?) too much.

I love to bake. And cupcakes really are my favorite. Nothing's as cute as a cupcake (except for maybe babies) and nothing's as perfect or as sweet. And topped with frosting. :)

This is kind of all I want. And all I need. And everything I'm constantly trying to find.

This house is just too awesome. Could you imagine living in THAT?

I LOVE this display-thing of umbrellas. I kinda wish it was my ceiling.

Ladybugs are pretty to me. And ladybugs in love are even better. :) They remind me of my best friend. She loves ladybugs.

I really like this picture. And it doesn't hurt that I feel self conscious 95% of my life.

I love this painting. I can't even remember the artist. But I really like his work. or hers. I can't remember. :/

I just like this photograph because I like engagement rings. And Scrabble pieces. It's cute.

I just think this photo is pretty.

It might be lame and cliche and it's a picture of some random couple hugging. But I think it looks like a really great hug. haha.

Amanda Seyfriend. She's just gorgeous. It doesn't really require further explanation. I didn't always love her. In Mean Girls she barely even registered and Mamma Mia! wasn't my favorite. But she redeemed herself in Dear John. And letters to Juliet. Hell, even in Jennifer's Body (which I watched entirely for her).

again. I mean she is gorgeous. And it also helps that she stands for so much and treats her fans so amazing.

I've got a thing about hugs? Sometimes hugs are just good and you really need one.

I love Zooey Deschanel. I think she's gorgeous. and so is her sister.

My obsession with Emily Deschanel spawns from Bones. I love that show. And not just because Booth (David Boreanaz's character) is so dreamy. It's cause Bones is so AWESOME. A kick-ass, gorgeous, genius female character. Who just so happens to be ignorant to her love for a dreamy FBI agent. It's all kinds of magical.

Dianna Agron. Also just a gorgeous girl. I don't have issues with saying these women are beautiful. There's no sense in denying it. And besides. I've got gorgeous guys coming up. :P

Mark Salling. *sigh* He's just cute. Especially with these glasses. And it helps he's from Texas. I love me some Texas boys. Haha. So what if he plays a jerk on TV. I still love him. :)

TAYLOR SWIFT. I do believe I've already done my obsessive T-Swift rambling. But she really is just so beautiful! Right?! RIGHT?! There's no denying it. Not to mention she's accomplished so much in only 20 years of existence. I'm jealous. And full of respect for her.

Have I already blabbed about my Channing Tatum obsession? I'm gonna Haha. He was mentioned, but never fully discussed. Which makes this the perfect opportunity. Because I am obsessed. I mean the man's gorgeous. Talented, in more ways than one. Married and disgustingly-adorably-in love with an almost-equally gorgeous woman. Plus. He just seems nice. And he's pretty. Did I say that already? :P He's my worst and most awesome obsession. OH! and he's following me on twitter. It makes me nervous though. I feel as though my tweets are inadequate for someone so incredibly hot. I mean famous. or awesome....Or all of the above. :D

I'm just this silly girl that's obsessed with pretty people, beautiful things and desperate to be in love...

edit: I think I'll just have regular posts of lots of pictures. That begin with cupcakes and end with Channing Tatum. Always. haha.


I love the movie Enchanted. I love Disney princesses and even if Giselle isn't a REAL Disney princess, I LOVE the story. Amy Adams is amazing and so sweet. And Patrick Dempsey is perfect. Plus I love the Carrie Underwood song. Something about this song is just so perfect. :)

My Cousin's Having a Baby!

So my cousin Cayla is having a baby. She's only 4 months older than I am and I just can't believe it. What's with people? Haha. But I'm so excited. I can't wait. I wish I lived closer. We live almost 7 hours away, but trust me, I'll be visiting that baby as much as possible. And my cousin, of course. :)

This 4th of July weekend we went to visit, as usual, and Cayla had her baby shower. She's due in August and I think the timing worked out pretty well. My aunt planned out an amazing shower for her. Lots of people invited, games, food, and she even rented out a hotel conference room for it. Ha. And she asked me to make the cake. I love cake. I love baking. And while my thing is usually cupcakes, I'm never one to turn down a chance to bake. So I did. It was my first time with fondant and I can't believe it turned out so well! I'm crazy proud of this cake and I can't believe my aunt gave me the chance to do it AND all the supplies. :D

Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh, Brother.

My little brother is growing up. It's weird. I just turned 21. Which is the last big milestone before THIRTY! 30! So it's kind of like getting old. haha. But my younger brother is only 14. 14. When you start high school. He has his 8th grade dance on Thursday. He's going with his girlfriend. And we went shopping today to find him something to wear to said dance. With said girlfriend. It's nuts.

He actually has some style. Granted me and my mom and my gaysian, Edward, helped him out. (My Gaysian is one of my best friends, Edward. He's Filipino and gay. He likes to call himself the gaysian.) But my brother can dress himself. And with my help, he will have a style when he enters high school. A good one. Not the lame-ass grunge thing I did 6 years ago. It was a bad time. I don't like to talk about it. There were wallet chains and baggy pants involved. It was rough.

It's odd to see my brother so grown up. Going to hang out at his girlfriend's house. He has more of a life than I do. It's lame on my part, but great for him. He doesn't need to be stuck at home all the time like my hermit of a father. But it's so crazy to see him growing up. I practically raised my brother. My mom moved out and left the state for awhile when he was really young. Hell, I was young myself. But it was something she needed to do and she's back now. But for quite awhile it fell to me and my younger sister to help my dad raise my brother. He was 3. It was tough. But I think it made us much closer. And he's almost like a mini-me. Haha. He wears my old band t-shirts and likes the same music I do. He's just a cuter and more awesome version of me at that age. haha. So it's weird. I think he's handling it all much better than I did. But I remember middle school and freshmen year as the most awkward of my life. I'm an awkward person in general, but those few years were just rotten. It's a miracle I had any friends at all.

My brother got all the popularity genes from my mom. She can't go anywhere and not meet someone. We can barely make it out of Target without her having a friendly conversation with a complete stranger. My brother is shy, but he's cute, polite, and pretty hilarious. So he's got lots of friends at school. Lots of girl friends too. I'm almost glad that I'm out of the house for his high school years. It's something better to be heard of on the phone than experienced. I don't need to see him going on dates. I think I could be scarred. Haha.

I love my little brother. And oddly enough, he loves me too. For a 14 year old boy, I think that's quite a feat. And one I'm very proud of. He's insanely polite. Even to my friends. And he treats girls so well. I like to think I had a part in that. But who knows. Ha. Either way. He turned out good.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The difference...

So. Weird of all weirds, of course. I was talking to my mom just now and she brought up Justin Bieber. Why does everyone think I have a creepy crush on this kid? I just think he's adorable! Like my little brother. Except not as smart as my little brother. But anyways. My mom asks the difference between adorable, and cute, and pretty, etc. It's a valid question. And I've decided to break it down.

Adorable: this is the word for adorable people. People that would be awesome in miniature form so you could carry em around in your pocket. People that other (weirder) people would like to "eat up!" Ya know. But not real attractions exists, i.e., I do NOT have a creepy crush on Justin Bieber!). Examples: my younger brother (on most occasions), Justin Bieber, that kid from iCarly, etc. It's like seeing a little half-asian kid at the grocery store. THAT is adorable.

Pretty: pretty is the word to describe guys like Zac Efron. And that guy in my Clinical Psychology class. Too pretty for words, makes you feel like a sloppy mess for wearing a t-shirt to class, perfect hair, thin, fit, perfect body guys. They're often tan without any effort. Quiet. Almost feminine, but not. That's pretty.

Cute: this is what I am looking for. The kind of guy that's cute is one that's attractive for more than just his physical attributes. Also for his mannerisms, sense of humor, personality, etc. He's cute, but he's not so attractive that you couldn't talk to him for stuttering and salivating. My own personal examples of this include the lead singer of Safetysuit, Doug Brown, Mark Salling (sometimes), Bryan Greenberg, etc. I'd also like to put Ryan Reynolds in this category, but he fits under hot too.

Hot: these are the guys that are almost TOO attractive. But they're not pretty. They're hot. Like...built, but not grossly muscled. Nice face. They look really good scruffy. Leather jacket type of guys. Or regular guys that just look REALLY hot in a leather jacket. Haha. Examples include: David Boreanaz, Kellan Lutz, Channing Tatum. But Channing Tatum fits into 3 categories for me: pretty, cute, AND hot. Yeah. I like him that much. :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh, Clothes..

I might not know exactly what I'm doing for my birthday, yet, but I know exactly what I'd like to wear. :D If only.