Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh, Brother.

My little brother is growing up. It's weird. I just turned 21. Which is the last big milestone before THIRTY! 30! So it's kind of like getting old. haha. But my younger brother is only 14. 14. When you start high school. He has his 8th grade dance on Thursday. He's going with his girlfriend. And we went shopping today to find him something to wear to said dance. With said girlfriend. It's nuts.

He actually has some style. Granted me and my mom and my gaysian, Edward, helped him out. (My Gaysian is one of my best friends, Edward. He's Filipino and gay. He likes to call himself the gaysian.) But my brother can dress himself. And with my help, he will have a style when he enters high school. A good one. Not the lame-ass grunge thing I did 6 years ago. It was a bad time. I don't like to talk about it. There were wallet chains and baggy pants involved. It was rough.

It's odd to see my brother so grown up. Going to hang out at his girlfriend's house. He has more of a life than I do. It's lame on my part, but great for him. He doesn't need to be stuck at home all the time like my hermit of a father. But it's so crazy to see him growing up. I practically raised my brother. My mom moved out and left the state for awhile when he was really young. Hell, I was young myself. But it was something she needed to do and she's back now. But for quite awhile it fell to me and my younger sister to help my dad raise my brother. He was 3. It was tough. But I think it made us much closer. And he's almost like a mini-me. Haha. He wears my old band t-shirts and likes the same music I do. He's just a cuter and more awesome version of me at that age. haha. So it's weird. I think he's handling it all much better than I did. But I remember middle school and freshmen year as the most awkward of my life. I'm an awkward person in general, but those few years were just rotten. It's a miracle I had any friends at all.

My brother got all the popularity genes from my mom. She can't go anywhere and not meet someone. We can barely make it out of Target without her having a friendly conversation with a complete stranger. My brother is shy, but he's cute, polite, and pretty hilarious. So he's got lots of friends at school. Lots of girl friends too. I'm almost glad that I'm out of the house for his high school years. It's something better to be heard of on the phone than experienced. I don't need to see him going on dates. I think I could be scarred. Haha.

I love my little brother. And oddly enough, he loves me too. For a 14 year old boy, I think that's quite a feat. And one I'm very proud of. He's insanely polite. Even to my friends. And he treats girls so well. I like to think I had a part in that. But who knows. Ha. Either way. He turned out good.

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