Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The difference...

So. Weird of all weirds, of course. I was talking to my mom just now and she brought up Justin Bieber. Why does everyone think I have a creepy crush on this kid? I just think he's adorable! Like my little brother. Except not as smart as my little brother. But anyways. My mom asks the difference between adorable, and cute, and pretty, etc. It's a valid question. And I've decided to break it down.

Adorable: this is the word for adorable people. People that would be awesome in miniature form so you could carry em around in your pocket. People that other (weirder) people would like to "eat up!" Ya know. But not real attractions exists, i.e., I do NOT have a creepy crush on Justin Bieber!). Examples: my younger brother (on most occasions), Justin Bieber, that kid from iCarly, etc. It's like seeing a little half-asian kid at the grocery store. THAT is adorable.

Pretty: pretty is the word to describe guys like Zac Efron. And that guy in my Clinical Psychology class. Too pretty for words, makes you feel like a sloppy mess for wearing a t-shirt to class, perfect hair, thin, fit, perfect body guys. They're often tan without any effort. Quiet. Almost feminine, but not. That's pretty.

Cute: this is what I am looking for. The kind of guy that's cute is one that's attractive for more than just his physical attributes. Also for his mannerisms, sense of humor, personality, etc. He's cute, but he's not so attractive that you couldn't talk to him for stuttering and salivating. My own personal examples of this include the lead singer of Safetysuit, Doug Brown, Mark Salling (sometimes), Bryan Greenberg, etc. I'd also like to put Ryan Reynolds in this category, but he fits under hot too.

Hot: these are the guys that are almost TOO attractive. But they're not pretty. They're hot. Like...built, but not grossly muscled. Nice face. They look really good scruffy. Leather jacket type of guys. Or regular guys that just look REALLY hot in a leather jacket. Haha. Examples include: David Boreanaz, Kellan Lutz, Channing Tatum. But Channing Tatum fits into 3 categories for me: pretty, cute, AND hot. Yeah. I like him that much. :D

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