Sunday, May 9, 2010

Today in the shower

i keep thinking that having a guy would act like a bandaid for all the booboos of my life. haha. booboos. :P but i need to start thinking of a guy as like...a cupcake. the great dessert that you really want, but you don't need to eat. that makes you happy, but it's not always good for you. something you can live without, but you really rather wouldn't. that's how i need to see guys. i need to see them as something i want, but don't need. and i need to be sure that all the booboos of my life are fixed before i get one. because any guy that i use as a bandaid...i'll eventually have to throw away. and i'm not looking for a guy that's disposable.

today i created two blogs. one that i decided i hated the name of. and the design of. and i didn't want it. and this one. which i've (currently) decided to keep. my blog's just for me, but i have to actually like it. i'm working on liking things. liking me. first and foremost. liking my roommates more often. liking my clothes. which i always find a reason to get mad at. whoops. i'm working on liking everything just a little bit more. i mean, if you're putting nothing but like out there, you're bound to get a little back. right?

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