Sunday, May 16, 2010


Last night I had a dream about Taylor Swift. I'm a crazy big fan of Taylor Swift. I haven't been a fan of country since I was a little kid, but Taylor Swift brought it all back for me. Her music's just too happy, too emotional, too sweet, and too real to not love. Plus, she's adorable. She's only about a year younger than me, but I see her as so much older because I envy and respect her so much. I think she's one of the few pop stars out there that's doing things right and being a good role model. She's a perfectionist about her work and she has a hand in everything she puts her name on. I like that. It doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous. I LOVE her hair. I love that she's a tall girl that's not afraid to wear really tall heels. And she doesn't wear anything too ridiculous or "avante garde", just because it's "cool". I appreciate that.

Anyways. Dream.. Taylor Swift. Crazy. I had a dream that I was Taylor Swift's maid of honor. How weird is that? For one, why is she getting married? And for two, how the hell am I her maid of honor? I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with how much Taylor Swift I was listening to last night and the fact that I've been thinking so much about how I actually am the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding. Haha. It's a typical mix-up of all the odd ends of my life I suppose. But it really was the strangest dream. And I was wearing a very odd dress. But I didn't have shoes. I liked the dress in my dream, but I remember this dress and I do NOT like it. Haha. But hey, if Taylor Swift told me to wear a dress, I would without hesitation. We were talking like we knew each other, but we didn't really. But I was going to be her MOH? Isn't that odd? I'm still baffled by this, obviously. But it was still a very interesting dream. And fun...if I remember correctly. Never did get to the actually wedding part. Or her dress. Which is unfortunate..

My MOH dream has a lot to do with my best friend's wedding. I'm feeling bad about not being there and not doing enough. The Maid of Honor is a big deal (hence the capitalization), but it's a hard job to do when you're away at school and the bride is hundreds of miles away. And I'm broke. I have big plans for the summer to make things happen and help out as much as I can. We've got favors to make, accessories to make, dresses to choose, and I've got to plan a bridal shower. There's so much to do before the wedding in December. Not to mention the 12-15 dozen cupcakes I've got to make as my wedding gift to the happy couple. Three days after Christmas. Wedding's are awesome (so I hear), but I'm feeling the pressure already! But I'm really so excited, that it doesn't matter. I'm glad that Kayleigh is finally marrying Leroy and she's going to have an amazing wedding. I'm just ready to make some stuff happen. :)

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